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Our mission

To help companiesleverage the true advantages ofmachine learning

As seasoned machine learning practitioners, we are well aware of the capabilities that ML provides, while at the same time know that it's just another tool that should not be applied in every situation. We help our clients distinguish between these scenarios and prepare themselves for ML adoption when possible. We help companies avoid common ML pitfalls and strive for a good first experience of Machine Learning — this is key for company-wide adoption.

Everyone at Pento has been in the front lines of several software projects throughout the world, dealing with a broad spectrum of technical challenges. Although ML is our core expertise, we've been lucky enough to work on every part of the stack: from collecting and storing data from other systems or even IoT devices, to processing them and creating web apps, dashboards and visualizations. But we don't restrain ourselves to only the technical side of things — software is made by people and for people. We value clear-for-everyone project roadmaps, having a close communication with our stakeholders.

Our experience allows us to understand the big picture while keeping focus on completing the desired goals, thus reaching our end goal: to deliver real value by improving your company's processes.

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