We build custom Machine Learning models to take advantage of different types of data.

Our team is proficient in the different areas of knowledge and tools required to successfully create them.

Computer Vision

Computer vision applied to production lines

Gain insights from images and videos, using image processing techniques.

Find out what's present in your user-uploaded images. Automate retouching of product photos. Detect people in your security cameras. Understand human actions in videos. Analyze satellite imagery. Recognize and extract text in images. Optimize your warehouse logistics and production lines.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive analytics for automatic pricing and demand forecasting

Leverage your structured data in order to automate decisions and processes.

Build a recommender system. Predict when industrial equipment will fail. Perform algorithmic pricing of your inventory. Assist in fraud detection. Estimate a customer's loyalty. Demand forecasting. Revenue prediction.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing techniques. Understand unstructured data.

Make sense of your textual, unstructured, data and produce actionable data from it.

Find out what topic a news piece covers. Extract the people and organizations mentioned in an article. Detect toxic comments. Tag incoming emails acording to urgency.

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